Karla Grove - Franklin Family Taekwondo - Franklin, TN

Mrs. Karla Zuercher - Owner and Chief Instructor

Karla Zuercher is a 4th degree Black Belt. She received this rank in April of 2017 from Choong Sil Taekwondo Federation (CTF). She has trained under the guidance of Mr. Jack Smithson of Franklin, TN and Master Jack Stevens of Murfreesboro, TN. She joined the CTF in 2015 and received the position of Certified Instructor in 2017. Enjoying rounds in the tournament circuit, Ms. Zuercher won the title of National Champion in 2017. In July 2018, she traveled with the US International Team and had the privilege of competing at the World Championships in Birmingham, England. For most of her life, she has served as a teacher of children and adults in various capacities. With a passion for teaching, she is extremely grateful for the opportunity to work with students and watch them grow and develop through their training. Check out this article from the Williamson Herald.

Timothy Grove - Franklin Family Taekwondo - Franklin, TN

Mr. Timothy Grove - Assistant Instructor

Timothy Grove is a 3rd degree Black Belt. He began his training in 2006. In 2016, he was invited to join the C.T.F. International Team. With this team, he began his competitions in Birmingham, England in July, 2016. In October, he competed at the USTL International Tournament in Memphis Tennessee. He received two 1st place gold cups, one in point sparring and one in continuous sparring. Mr. Grove won 2016 CTF National Champion in November. Traveling with the US team in May of 2017, Mr. Grove received two gold medals in an international tournament in Canada. In July 2018, he was invited to compete on the US Men's International Team in Birmingham, England. At the competition, the US Team won silver. Mr. Grove now studies at Vanderbilt University.


Mr. Thomas Ghee - Assistant Instructor

Thomas Ghee received his 3rd degree Black Belt in April of 2019. Teaching and encouraging young children has been a longtime dream of his, and he is thoroughly enjoying the opportunity to do this. He acquired the position of Certified Assistant Instructor with the C.T.F. in 2017. With an incredible drive to push himself to higher goals, he is drastically improving his skills as a competitor in the CTF National circuit. He has his eyes set on a National Title and joining the US International Team.