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We are so proud of our students! They work hard to keep progressing through the ranks!

We are so proud of our students! They work hard to keep progressing through the ranks!

Franklin Family Taekwondo After School Program

What you receive in this program

  • Transportation with qualified staff from your child's school to the Taekwondo facility, every day, Monday through Friday

  • Taekwondo training every day in a class specifically for those in the Afterschool Program

  • Structured and productive alternative to afterschool care and babysitting services

  • Supervised care with qualified staff each day until you arrive to pick them up

  • Focus on homework and academic studies during that time of supervised care

  • Access to tutors and assistance as needed

  • Full day of care, activities and training on school holidays and snow days (for a substantially reduced rate)

We want your child to be extremely successful in life, and we are here to help you and your family accomplish this. This Afterschool Program is not babysitting services. It is structured and productive time for your child.

How Taekwondo training enhances your child's life

  • Focus - learning to pay attention to all the details of a martial arts pattern, what each limb is doing at all times, learning to maintain eye contact with a target in order to strike it at the appropriate spot

  • Discipline - learning and demonstrating when to speak and when to be quiet, when to kick and punch and when to stand still, when to yell and when not to

  • Self-Control - learning to control the anger reaction when someone tags you in sparring, working through that reaction with controlled responses

  • Confidence - repeatedly practicing a skill to gain confidence with that skill and experiencing the rewards such as breaking a board or scoring in sparring

  • Self-Confidence - understanding that you have nothing to prove to anyone but yourself

What the Taekwondo training encorporates

  • Technique Skills - a variety of kicks and hand strikes

  • Target Work - striking targets to increase power and strength, as well as improve technical abilities

  • Patterns - specified sequences of techniques that must be memorized and executed with age-appropriate success

  • Sparring - executing learned techniques with a partner, practicing protecting yourself and controlling your own power

  • Board breaking - learning how to maximize one's power through technique and speed

  • Testings - to promote from one belt to the next, students must show improvement, internal motivation and proficient understanding for their rank